Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Currently - October

Howdy ya'll!
I've linked up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for the October's Currently post.  

My life right now is pretty awesome!  I'm on maternity leave, Brosseau Sprout is going to be two months old tomorrow and we are sleeping so much more in this house!  He naps a bunch during the day too, which is great now that I have a swing for him in my office.  I do miss the classroom - a ridiculous amount! But I have been having so much fun creating resources and have been able to see some co-workers recently.  I still feel out of the loop though!  So much has happened at my school in the past month and I do feel like I am missing out - but Sprout is most important.

I got to meet Chris Hadfield this weekend.  OH. MY. EEEEEE!!!  Geeking out here!

Another thing to check off my bucket list!  There was a pre-show dinner for about 100 people and we got to meet him.  He introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Chris."  No!  You are far too humble and I cannot just call you "Chris".  It is "Colonel Hadfield" or "Sir", but you are far too important to me to simply be called "Chris".  More on this visit later :)

My husband went to a conference in California a few weeks ago, which got me thinking about the conference we went to a couple of years ago in San Antonio.  Couple that with thinking about how we missed Col. Hadfield by one week last year in Houston and the hunger that comes with being a new mom and all I want is GUACAMOLE!  

I would love to go down to the River Walk or to Pappasito's and get some fresh guac and chips.  Do you have a favorite recipe?

Here's a treat for you, but be warned - it is pretty spooky! Zombies: Race to the Brains
It's a FREE PowerPoint Game that can be used for any subject because you use your own questions.  These zombies moan and groan as they shuffle to the brains at the finish line.  First zombie to gobble up the brain wins!  Yeah, definitely a departure from my other stuff, but it was super fun to make!  Hope you have fun with it!


  1. Hi Michelle - I love your free download Zombies - Race to the Brains! My 5th graders will get a kick out of it! Very cute idea. Enjoy your little one, the time flies by fast!

    :) Karen

  2. Thanks for the zombie game! Too cool! I remember when my children were babies. Now they're in middle school! It goes by fast once they're in school! Carol's Teaching Garden


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