Saturday, 7 December 2013

Wish me luck and even more freebies!

Behold, my marking pile for this weekend! 
4 quizzes, 4 assignments, 1 set of test corrections and 3 class sets of projects.  
Do you ever feel like marking is a never ending battle?  

Songza - Acoustic versions of pop songs playlist
I've armed myself with my best weapons:
Mr. Sketch Markers - my fave for quick marking like matching and multiple choice

Frixion Erasable Pens - my fave for projects and writing comments
No, I don't have any sponsorship from either Mr. Sketch or Pilot.  But considering I've sent the CEO's kids to College, I wouldn't mind a few free packs! ;)

If I defeat this marking my reward is being able to cut out laminated task cards!  

Need a break from marking?
Did you know that the December Facebook Frenzy is going on right now?!
Check what I'm offering to my fans:
My page
Check out the entire map!

You may be marking or enjoying the FB Frenzy - either way, have a wonderful weekend!

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