Sunday, 20 October 2013

An Early Halloween Treat!

I finally found some time this month, after planning 2 big field trips, presenting at our PD Day and being out a lot at the board office, to finish up my Spooky Halloween Bingo Games!
There are 2 versions: for US and Canadian teachers:
There are 30 unique cards for each game for your students to practice their money math: coin addition skills, plus of course a teacher's guide, game pieces and counters.  Now when it comes to counters, if you already have your own in the classroom this game is pretty much print and play - less than 5 minutes to prepare!  But since it's Halloween you might consider using small candies, like Rockets or Smarties to use as the counters - that's extra sweet!

Here is the treat: 
This week, Oct. 20 - 26, I am offering the game for 40% off!  
Check it out:

Money Math - Spooky Halloween Adding Coins Bingo Cards - 30 Unique Cards!
Money Math - CANADIAN Halloween Adding Coins Bingo Cards - 30 Unique Cards!


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